The studio forms part of the leisure suite which, in addition to providing exercise facilities, is a community resource.

It is used to provide a range of services, both exercise-based and social, for the benefit of the community.

In addition, it may be booked by residents/leaseholders for events such as family parties.

NEMC Board has formulated policy guidelines for the use of the studio by residents and leaseholders to maintain its status as a community resource:

1.0       Any resident wishing to book the studio for an event must complete an application form and accept the terms of booking shown,  giving at least two weeks’ notice to allow for consideration/approval.

2.0       Application forms received will be considered in the first instance by the Facilities Manager who is authorised to approve or refer to the Board in case of doubt.

3.0       In considering applications, account will be taken of the terms of the lease, the lease covenants, insurance risks, any H&S implications and the limitations of the facilities.

4.0       The duration of the proposed event will be considered carefully for two main reasons.

4.1       The need to balance such use with the requirement to provide access to other residents.

4.2       The staff welfare facilities are accessible only via the studio and the necessity to comply with all statutory requirements in respect of those working here.

5.0       Applications from third parties may be accepted for the provision of services to the community and these should be submitted via Estates Office staff.


In addition to this is a usage policy: Studio Use Policy August 2014