General Information

Opening Times:

Monday-Friday 6.45am-9pm

Saturday-Sunday 8am-7pm



1) Please shower before using and in-between using the Pool, Spa and Sauna.

The Spa should be cleaned once each week, some weeks we have to close it and clean upto 3 times.  Not only does it mean the Spa is not open but every time we empty the Spa we throw away 5,000 litres of water!

The pool filter is cleaned once each week and each clean uses around 7,000 litres of water.

2) Please remove your shoes or put blue shoes on before entering the Changing Rooms.

Staff have to clean the floors upto 6 times each day to ensure residents can walk bare foot without standing in mud and dirt.

3) Please do not leave items in lockers overnight.

We have 12 lockers and on average 50 people each day using the facilities.

4) Please do not allow children under the age of 16 into  the Spa.

The guidelines do vary on this but CIMPSA state that children under the age of 16 can not control their body temperatures effectively therefore if they use a Spa (With a temperature of 37.5c) they will overheat. In some events this may lead to; dizzyness, vomiting and/or fainting.

The Spa is designed to be an adult facility which is used to relax in, and because the guidelines do vary, we feel it is only fair and also the safest option for children that this remains an adult facility at all times.